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Yule Be Merry and Bright

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Happy Holidays! Reflecting during this holiday season, I am delighted by the synergy of spiritual practices and traditions that we have collectively created over lifetimes on planet Earth. The return of light through time: from Yule to the birth of Christ. Yule, also known as the time from the Winter Solstice through New Year's Day, is one of the oldest winter celebrations on Earth. It is even where tree decorating began as a way to honor life in the cold and dark of winter. Christmas came later when the date to celebrate the birth of Christ–who is also an important symbol of light in the dark– was moved to be more convenient with the Yule festivities. Today's version of Christmas that involves gift giving has built up over the years with the rise of business and consumerism. At our Aspen Oracle Winter Solstice Gathering, we worked with the return of light on many levels–a few of which I'll share with you below as an invitation to do the same as resonates for you. The days get longer and lighter from here. During Yule–the days from the Winter Solstice through New Year's–is a wonderful time to match the energies of the Earth and Cosmos. As the days have less light, you may notice shadow parts of yourself surfacing for a compassionate hello. You might also notice a desire to be still and rest. Personally, I love naps this time of year! Getting out of the body helps clarify what is being created as the light returns. Its only a matter of months before the spring weather will beckon us to sprout forth, so might as well enjoy being cozy and dreaming! Magic and miracles happen when we get out of our own way. From a spiritual perspective, the sleepy time of winter is a reminder that resistance is futile. You might think you've got it all figured out, but the more you try to force something out as a perfect creation, the more likely you are to miss the magic and miracles that are always occurring. Letting go and knowing that your higher self and the Divine have got you is a way to open yourself to experience (and maybe even to enjoy!) all that is occurring. It might sound strange, but it is possible to enjoy even something that is challenging. It is with an open mind and heart that next steps appear with ease. Giving as receiving. Gifting has become a big part of the holiday season which can be lots of fun, and it may also leave you feeling dissatisfied. Not because you are a scrooge, but because happiness can't necessarily be bought. Remembering that creating joy, love and happiness is a very personal experience that comes from within let's you off the hook. Giving because it brings you joy is a way to keep yourself fulfilled and it also lets others have their own space. When we each have the freedom to create as we choose, we are unified even if we express differently. Many blessings to your dreams and you this Winter! We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! What is your favorite way to celebrate the winter holidays? Share a magic and miracles story of yours with us. Photo credits – all from Unsplash.com –from top to bottom: Aaron Burden, Lightscape, Garidy Sanders, Max Bender.
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Divine Brand Design: Catalyze Your Inspired Purpose

By Branding, Inspiration
Divine Brand Design clearly expresses your inspired offering with integrity. In today’s world, a lot of branding and marketing is clouded with manipulation and programming. Divine Brand Design is clear expression that invites your customers to be freely inspired, engage and buy. It also encompasses the sacred spiritual nature at the heart of what you offer. Staying true to your inspiration, vision and values from the inside out is the focus of the Divine Brand Design services. More InfoMore Info We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! What's at the heart of what you offer? Are you staying true to your inspired purpose?
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Freedom through Presence with Pain

By Practices and Tools, Spiritual Growth
Pain can show up physically, emotionally and even as numbness, stuckness or a not-flow in certain creative endeavors. Though pain feels anywhere from brick-wall-like to a sinking feeling to a little irritation, practices exist to face it with a bit more lightness (and even humor). The practices that truly bring greater freedom include a conscious integration of the body, mind and spirit. In some ways, the integration of these aspects of you involve a leap of faith to come down to earth. Reconciling the different parts of you isn't always easy but it is the pathway to create a life that you love. Freedom is not about being perfect, nor is it about erasing all pain at once. Being present for conscious integration allows space for you to have: greater comfort with your journey to feeling better more permission to transform pain into growth commitment to deepen into lasting change Presence is you being the witness and you choosing to receive outside support as is helpful for you. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! How is pain showing up in your life? What might bring you some relief? Also, you might like to participate in the Freedom Through Presence with Pain Workshop. Now available via recording!
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Balancing Your Big Vision with the Now

By Branding, Creativity, Featured Jennah, Oracle Guidance
I know, see and get that your inspired vision is beautiful! Idyllic and magical even. I also know how easy it is to get nothing done because you’re stuck in the future. Here are some tips to balance your big vision with the now: Stop expecting your big vision to save you from your current woes. Focus on next steps. Sure it will be wonderful when you get there, but the truth is your vision is a pre-cognition of what is to come. You see it ahead of time so it can serve as a beacon that lights a pathway of learning. In other words, the vision is really about the journey. I bet you’ve heard that before, so stop expecting it to be something different, and start seeing the magic in the process. It may just turn out better then you ever expected! Move at the speed of human. Even if you know all the steps you need to have your vision, remember you are human. Though you may think it will slow you down, spending time on self care and life balance keep you grounded, healthy and ready to adapt as you learn. Give yourself permission to be I’Mperfect. Know that you are learning, have nothing to prove and that you will be taken care of along the way. Even if you make mistakes and get stuck in failure, it is all building strength and wisdom. Imperfection is the perfect recipe for success. Truly.
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Opening Your Heart, Even in the Face of a Storm

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Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most. From storm to blue skies: As experienced at Niwot Ridge's Aspen Grove this week: "If you don't like the weather, wait 5-minutes" is a real thing here in Colorado. Message from the Aspens You humans think that you know everything. Sure, you can walk on water, but can you keep your heart from drowning in a storm? Can you sacrifice your fear of dying to the love of living? You dart about in fun one moment and cower in fear the next. You are a mammal. We show you a model. You can't become us, but you can use our wisdom in your own way. Just as our roots network, listening to  your intuition connects you to each other via truths worth honoring. Use your intuition and you will receive the validation you seek: The permission to love living, To walk with an open heart, To embrace the animal side of you, To honor more and more what this Earth and your life are really about. The Eco-System swirls with many harsh realities, yet is mixed with clarity, warmth and fresh air. All you have to do is share – intuitively. Grow where you are drawn, even if it seems no man (or anyone you know) has gone there before. Honor all forms along the way. Validate each being's unique expression. Find calm in the storm: Your heart is the eye. Your intuitive vision is the sky. Power is in our ability to bring validation to what is true and pure in all of your relationships: This is how we grow together. At our own pace. In our own way. Us, you, me, them, We. Only embracing it all will set you free. ROOTING INTO The primal experience of being human: in an instant the fear adrenaline switch can be turned on in our brain and body. Resisting, denying or trying to control it only creates shame. Learning to dance with your animal instincts is partnering with your body in the most powerful way. ENERGIES ON THE PLANET Surface level: A sense of defeat and retreat swims around as we enter into a new phase. With the destructive yet constructive fire storms of the fall, many were asked to rise. Appearing to some as dramatic, a desire to have results sooner was at the core. Results are indeed coming sooner, but not yet. In the air we embrace the unknown that is happening outside, knowing that the light, certainty and confidence are all rising on the inside. Touch upon that which is ready to dissolve and watch the darkness crumble. And retreat from the rest. All in good time. Settle the light into your heart and soul. STAYING CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE Stir the dichotomies within you, knowing that God is guiding your hand. Co-sprinkle some magic into your everyday life and into the season. Let your creations simmer where they need to be more digestible. Happy Winter Solstice,
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Lightening Up in Challenging Times

By Spiritual Growth, Well-being on Earth
Why is this happening, and why are we so scared to face the demons? Because we too often neglect our most powerful abilities. We forget that we are creative, resourceful and whole. We are in resistance to our own growth. In order to have real change, we need to get comfortable chartering the mysteries of life on Earth as spirits in human bodies. It is time to let go of what we think we know, to surrender to our higher selves and to embody our true nature. Here are five reminders to help you access + embody your potential: Remember that Spirit is Real Validate yourself as unified and whole. Validate our collective as unified and whole. Our power lies in our ability to hold compassion for one another (and ourselves) in spite of our differences. Parts of you may feel like this one is hard and even flat out refuse to do so. Access your Sovereign self and know that all aspects can co-exist. Spirit understands and loves ALL of it. Set Intentions for When You Sleep Before bed and any naps, decide what you're going to do while you sleep. Or at least decide how you'd like to feel when you wake up. The time your spirit spends in the higher astral planes, unencumbered by the mind and body, is dynamic beyond belief. Much good can be accomplished while you rest. Just invite your Angels along and take the elevator up! Feel your Feelings Being in your body, especially at this time in Earth's history, can sometimes feel like you crash landed. That sucks, but complaining doesn't do much good. Breathing and feeling through it is the only way to heal. Feeling can be scary because it could be a bottomless pit, but not if you only feel your feelings. Hold others as capable to feel their own. Processing emotions for others will get you stuck and off-center. The key to this one is to notice where you blame, project or enable out of resistance to your own feelings. Facing your shadow self and letting the feelings flow through will immediately lighten the load, making space for your creativity. Create! Now is a more important time than ever to create. You are a creative being, and if you ask me, the word God could easily be replaced with Creativity. Create in whatever way is authentic to you. Doesn't have to be a big hoop ha. In fact, you just being you is creating. As long as you're breathing, you're creating. Notice though: what actions and allow your heart to keep opening? Open-Up to the Support of Others Open your head and heart to both those that are easy to receive and those that challenge you along. As long as you know that the common desire of the human spirit is truth, you will be safe. Coming together with those who are like you amplifies the good. Facing those who test you, gives you an opportunity to say hello to what is really true in them while sorting the garbage for yourself. And remember the garbage is not who they really are or who you really are. Compassion isn't always easy and support is very helpful. Loved ones, guides, angels, counselors, coaches, spiritual teachers and more can all be helpful to re-find and to keep your center in the storm. You being you, feeling your feelings is powerful beyond measure. Within each of us lives our intuitive GPS that is leading us to co-create what we truly desire. As the old unwinds, the new unfolds. Out of the five reminders above, which is easiest for you to access and which is the most difficult? What other tips to you have to lighten up the big changes going on right now?
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Above the Clouds, Turning to Gold

By Inspiration, Oracle Guidance, Resources, Spiritual Growth
Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most. Message from the Aspens Relaxing inside beneath The blankets of grey clouds The mists in the air nourish and keep Our awareness crisp As ever so coolly We sink inside beneath The green growth It is surrounded by dissolution That we find resolution Transmuting our grievances Of what might have been Into heart opening knowing That it is all actually perfect The season is changing And it is sometimes sad We grieve what might have been harnessed By the heat of the sun Only to realize that as we cozy up inside, the flame rises from within AND WE SHINE GOLDEN Already surrendered into greater Depths Already beginning again Taking the next step on the upward spiral Growing taller, older and wiser Relaxing into our network is the way forward Above the clouds The air is crisp and clean Better than anything you've ever seen Magic lives in the mystery Beauty is birthed from the unknown Willingness to rise from within Is walking the journey Of your heart and soul Finding enough is more You are enough AND YOU ARE GOLDEN ROOTING INTO Getting cozy with what's beneath: Both your joy and the aspects of yourself that you keep hidden live in the depths. Anytime is an opportunity to nurture yourself through another layer of resistance. Making friends with the shadow parts of yourself allows you to access the expansive and unlimited truth. Sit in front of the fire with those aspects. Take them for a dip in the hot tub. Show them the light. Be your own Mother and Father. Ask others for what you need. Take care of yourself. Feel the warmth of filling your well. ENERGIES ON THE PLANET Surface level: s p a c e y  and DESTRUCTION. Feels like clouds and storms. Old systems that are no longer working are falling apart. The game of karma is falling apart. Some souls are scrambling to let go and complete. Others are stubbornly clinging to a past reality. Many of us are experiencing fuzziness and/or a sense of being in a surreal world. Observe and witness what is going on around you and in the news. Notice the orchestra of vibrations at play. In the air our higher selves have taken the reins in order to steer and keep us safe. Anchor the transformation into your body by connecting with appreciation in your heart center. What about yourself, your life, others and the world are you grateful for? As you appreciate, you receive and recharge your power to come out of the destruction powerfully creating. STAYING CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE Stay above the clouds that are not yours ... focus on creativity! As you let go and transform, what is rising up inside of you? If you're tempted to take any of it too seriously, remember that creating is about the journey. The process is the goal. We get what we want in life by allowing it to manifest. Control has its place, but where is it limiting you? As you let go of control where it doesn't belong, freedom, permission and creative joy flow. Happy Equinox,
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Diversify to Move Forward

By Inspiration, Oracle Guidance, Resources, Spiritual Growth
Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most. Message from the Aspens on Diversity We are one, yet we are separate. In various sizes, shapes and ages we grow. With the help of the elements Sun Water Air and Earth Of course Earth, that is where we rise from our roots. And we are not alone: our network co-exists with many other species ... trees, flowers, rocks, birds, bugs, elk, bears and more: Often times you see us from afar We blanket the hillside. From near, we invite you in to explore Getting curious if there's more than meets the eye. Is your soul seeking to diversify? What might you find if you open your heart to the new life budding from your core? With no allure besides the tingling of inspiration, all there is to bring forth is YOU. It is you who chooses to choose. ROOTING INTO The wisdom and protection of the bigger picture: not all barriers are made to be broken through or even to block something out. Nature protects itself in a very unassuming way, or perhaps a totally assuming way. The experience of gleaning wisdom doesn't always care if the jungle is hard to walk through. All variety of species interweave themselves seeking to live. Even in nature, it is about so much more than mere survival. Living is about playing a role in the eco-system of it all. ENERGIES ON THE PLANET Surface level: getting mentally stuck on "Why?" is a possible challenge. Regardless of what is being played, the question "Why?" is often there. The big existential "Why?". Tune into the answer by feeling. The answer to "Why?" can always be explained by a feeling ... get curious and wonder: is the feeling expansive, connected, peaceful, or ... what does the answer to your question feel like? In the air are clear visions being confused with doubt and uncertainty. Rise above with grace and ease. STAYING CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE Grace and ease have nothing to do with "figuring it out". They are definitely not problem solving. However, bringing forth grace and ease is helpful to move through challenges. When you bring ease to something difficult, the path of resolution gracefully presents itself ... not always all at once, but often one step at a time. Fear of the unknown can make it hard to stay in ease, but just like you know where to place your foot in order to take a fully supported step, your spirit always knows where to go next (shaking in your boots or not). Grace knows no fear yet doesn't deny it. It flows anyway. Where in your self may you open up to ease and let grace guide?
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Your Life Guides You to You

By Oracle Guidance, Resources, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Growth, Well-being on Earth
Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most. Transmission from the Light Weavers Here you are on this planet. Earth. Are you waiting for someone to give you the gift of yourself? Are you longing to know your deepest desires but expecting someone to show you the way? Do you wish away your problems and the energy in the air without facing the pain in your own soul? Finding the courage to face your pain is enlivening. Life is a light network here to assist you in becoming more of who you truly are. Life on Earth, and in this Universe, is here to guide you to ... you. We are not here to tell you the right thing to do, or even what to do. We come with this message today because you asked. Receiving help is as simple as asking. The how in how to welcome yourself as well as the pure heart reflection of others is insignificant – just ask. ROOTING INTO Hot and cold flip flop: new growth and finding your center in the dichotomy. The main dichotomy at play this season is ACTION / REST. The desire to progress is at the center. Be careful not to let your pure desire be manipulated by lies. Find focus through aligned and inspired action. ENERGIES ON THE PLANET Surface level challenges affecting grounding have to do with fear of being swallowed and falling through the cracks. Fear of not being able to handle the details. Fears of not being perfect and of failure. The effect is paralysis around taking a new step. Overcome the challenges by going deeper to below the surface of the Earth. Draw upon the information and healing from deep within the Mother Earth. Let it clear your past and guide your steps. In the air is political fever - deception and lies. Whether you follow politics or not, buying into punishment, the attachment to justification or revenge seeking is the host for the illness. Rise above by un-matching from the divisive energy and saying hello to the universal, open heart that resides within you. STAYING CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE As the light weavers say “just ask”…. God, yourself, others. When the intention is pure, all are the same.   Wishing you Inner Peace, Strength & Nourishment,
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