Divine Brand Design: Catalyze Your Inspired Purpose

By Branding, Inspiration
Divine Brand Design clearly expresses your inspired offering with integrity. In today’s world, a lot of branding and marketing is clouded with manipulation and programming. Divine Brand Design is clear expression that invites your customers to be freely inspired, engage and buy. It also encompasses the sacred spiritual nature at the heart of what you offer. Staying true to your inspiration, vision and values from the inside out is the focus of the Divine Brand Design services. More InfoMore Info We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! What's at the heart of what you offer? Are you staying true to your inspired purpose?
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Balancing Your Big Vision with the Now

By Branding, Creativity, Featured Jennah, Oracle Guidance
I know, see and get that your inspired vision is beautiful! Idyllic and magical even. I also know how easy it is to get nothing done because you’re stuck in the future. Here are some tips to balance your big vision with the now: Stop expecting your big vision to save you from your current woes. Focus on next steps. Sure it will be wonderful when you get there, but the truth is your vision is a pre-cognition of what is to come. You see it ahead of time so it can serve as a beacon that lights a pathway of learning. In other words, the vision is really about the journey. I bet you’ve heard that before, so stop expecting it to be something different, and start seeing the magic in the process. It may just turn out better then you ever expected! Move at the speed of human. Even if you know all the steps you need to have your vision, remember you are human. Though you may think it will slow you down, spending time on self care and life balance keep you grounded, healthy and ready to adapt as you learn. Give yourself permission to be I’Mperfect. Know that you are learning, have nothing to prove and that you will be taken care of along the way. Even if you make mistakes and get stuck in failure, it is all building strength and wisdom. Imperfection is the perfect recipe for success. Truly.
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