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How Your Inner Voice Brings Success

By Featured Shareen, Interviews, Spiritual Growth
Meet Aspen Oracle Directory Member Shareen Webb in this Wisdom Within Interview on Energy Awareness. Shareen Webb is a professional spiritual healer, reader and teacher and is a mom to four young men. Shareen guides people to heal themselves and explore their own energy awareness, play with their own divine creativity and remember who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. Watch the interview to hear about: Shareen's journey with energy awareness How learning to tune into your own inner voice and listening to it may be your best guide New approaches and finding the things that allow you more communication with yourself The more aware you are. The more aware you become. Ask: Does it enliven you? If it does, you're on the right track! The feeling of Joy is a sign that the Divine is present. More info about working with Shareen: Sessions with ShareenSessions with ShareenEnergy WorkshopEnergy Workshop A personal note from Shareen about Energy Awareness: Hi! My name is Shareen. Energy Awareness brought me into a full relationship to myself and my inner spirit, and I learned how to heal myself, and work with others to find their own truth and healing. For twenty-plus years of my life, I looked to others to tell me what I should do. I asked them to tell me what I needed to pursue to enjoy my life, what the best way to handle something, where I should go, who I should be. While a lot of their answers for me weren’t completely wrong, I found that habit of looking outside of myself for answers brought a ton of baggage and gunk to sort through to find the pieces that fit me.  Carrying out who I was suppose to be often left me exhausted, uninspired, and pretty apathetic to life. It just really didn’t matter much. I mean everyone else was happy with me, so I guess that was good enough, right? I mean, did I really need to be happy? Did happiness even really exist? This was a tough lesson and I conspired with the universe to bring me a lot of pain and challenges before I finally caught-on.  In a moment of deep pain, I found myself partaking in a healing clinic that opened my heart and my mind to a wider vision of life. It was the things I did in small moments that brought me peace and joy: reading, writing, creating, dancing, playing with kids, teaching, helping women discover they were so beautiful inside and out, and teaching; the things I enjoyed, that was my truth and the gifts I wanted to share with the world. It has been 16 years since that pivotal moment, and I am still learning, and growing more into myself and creating the life I want to have. A new friend of mine,new in that she has only known me a couple of years, said to me, “You’re life is so easy.” and I said “Thank you. Yes it is, and I value it, because I took many steps to make it that way.” The joy and challenge is to keep growing into myself, and stay aware of that old habit that wants me to look outside myself for my answers, when my inner voice is really all I need to hear. The third side of the coin, lol, is realising there was a small bit of truth in that old habit. Learning,and growing is hard. Knowing that I can ask for support and help is important. I learned that asking for help and support through growing my life is not the same as asking for an answer. I love going to classes and clinics and connecting with like-minded individuals to receive that help when I need it;  and now being able to offer that level of support to those seeking their own answers, that’s priceless joy. Share with Us in the Comments Below! Do you hear your inner voice? What has following your inner...
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