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Freedom through Presence with Pain

By Practices and Tools, Spiritual Growth
Pain can show up physically, emotionally and even as numbness, stuckness or a not-flow in certain creative endeavors. Though pain feels anywhere from brick-wall-like to a sinking feeling to a little irritation, practices exist to face it with a bit more lightness (and even humor). The practices that truly bring greater freedom include a conscious integration of the body, mind and spirit. In some ways, the integration of these aspects of you involve a leap of faith to come down to earth. Reconciling the different parts of you isn't always easy but it is the pathway to create a life that you love. Freedom is not about being perfect, nor is it about erasing all pain at once. Being present for conscious integration allows space for you to have: greater comfort with your journey to feeling better more permission to transform pain into growth commitment to deepen into lasting change Presence is you being the witness and you choosing to receive outside support as is helpful for you. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! How is pain showing up in your life? What might bring you some relief? Also, you might like to participate in the Freedom Through Presence with Pain Workshop. Now available via recording!
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