Do you desire relief from a chronic illness or everyday stress?

If you experience stress or discomfort from illness, an Essenian-Egyptian Therapy session with me will have a deep relaxing effect. More than a massage, this hands-on energetic technique facilitates healing using light and firm touch and we may also use aromatic medicine. Various treatments restore harmonious circulation in the subtle and physical bodies; eliminate toxic thought-forms (which are often the origin of disease); and remove trauma stuck in the body’s cells.

Effective on many levels and health conditions.

The Essenian & Egyptian Therapies have proven their effectiveness on the physical level (circulatory problems of the legs, PMS, menopause, infertility, chronic fatigue, diabetes, sleep apnea, articular rheumatism, intestinal disorders) on the mental level (mental crystallizations, insomnia, addiction) and the emotional level (depression, states of shock, profound emotionality). Through its unique approach, these therapies offer everyone the ability to heal towards harmony and reconnection with themselves.

In Your Essenian and Egyptian Treatment Sessions …

I help you to:

Release unhealthy toxins

Restore harmonious circulation

Remove trauma from cells

So that you may:

Heal underlying causes of illness

Experience more vitality and wellness

Balance your body, mind and soul

I have MS and cannot take anymore any massage modality. My back is very sore and I am in constant fatigue. I was more curious than skeptical about the Essenian & Egyptian Therapies. How can a light touch remove the physical soreness of my back? Well the Essenian-Egyptian MS treatment did it. It was effective. No soreness in my back after my session and it lasted two days.

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About Isabelle Laak:

Isabelle is a Registered Massage Therapist in Colorado since 2001. Since 2017 Isabelle has been certified in the Essenian and Egyptian Therapies taught by Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois.

Isabelle’s French heritage deeply influences her practice through purifying, nurturing, and most of all respecting, the inner wisdom and uniqueness of a body to restore the power of self-healing. Her practice, located in the peaceful historical downtown of Berthoud, Colorado, offers a quiet environment to experience the highest standards available in the bodywork profession.

Isabelle is also the founder of Sacred Worlds Publishing, a company that publishes the books of Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois, both well-known in Europe as pioneers of awakening souls. Through their books, they reveal timeless wisdom to awaken and empower the soul.

For more about Isabelle’s services and to contact her directly, visit, email or call (970)443-4946

Learn The Essenian-Egyptian Therapies.

Essenian-Egyptian Therapies are a healing touch approach that purify the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from impurities that lead to disharmony and disease. These cosmic and timeless therapies are based on in-depth knowledge of the circuits of the universal life energy. This knowledge is the quintessence of the therapy and is used to integrate the sacred energy of the subtle and physical bodies with essential oils and the “anointing” intention of the practitioner.

For complete information please read The Great Book of the Essenian and Egyptian Therapies by D.Meurois and M.J Croteau.

A must read for all body workers looking to deepen and expand their practice. The Essenians, like the Ancient Egyptians, had mastered the art of the energetic therapies. After being hidden for thousands of years, their knowledge is coming back today in response to our society’s profound need to once again find deep roots and dimensions.

This book–which represents the essence of many years of research and practice–offers the public the most complete set of Essenian techniques and perceptions of the human being subtle anatomy ever collected. The authors, Daniel Meurois and his wife, Marie Johanne Croteau, intend the book as an especially well illustrated, clear and precise teaching tool. All those who are interested in health and the harmonious balance of the being will appreciate the book because of its exciting content and training–in terms of both the horizons it opens, and its practical-side–coupled with the reconciliatory philosophy that emerges.

To book an appointment at Isabelle’s Berthoud, CO office, reserve time with her here:

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