I call myself The Urban Spirit Guide – I am a seer and empath and am able to walk between worlds.

I access non ordinary reality using all of my sensitive gifts to hear, see, smell, sense, know, and feel what is happening in and around us and I work with helpers to heal at a deep soul level, clearing old patterns and belief systems and accessing parts of ourselves that we’ve lost and to which we’ve never before had access. I’m a curious, open, sensitive, wanderer always craving knowledge and love and I’m here to help myself and others find peace in our daily lives and to explore and open and create the endless possibilities, break the molds, and step into beautiful ways of being, walking between worlds.

Benefits of Working with Me:

  • Be nurtured at the deepest level
  • Experience profound transformation
  • Experience major shifts happen quickly
  • Gain clarity, insight, and help moving forward
  • Boost confidence
  • Clear and Heal blocked energies
Insightful, gifted and profound…….Kathy is a true gifted, insightful and profoundly accurate intuitive and a gifted shaman! I had the honor to work with Kathy recently and found her to be clear, and profoundly accurate when it came to doing spiritual work with me! WOW I now have the answers to why I am who I am and it’s was a TRUE gift! I have worked with many healers & insightful intuitively but nobody has come close to Kathys deep insights! She is a gem, Kathy has a beautiful gift!
Maggie D

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About Kathy G.:

I’m The Urban Spirit Guide specializing as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner/ Instructor, Empath/Clairvoyant, and Medical Intuitive. I use my clairvoyant and empathic skills, along with my deep passion for wellness at all levels to help Super Souls, Empaths, Indigos, and Sensitives function optimally on their soul life path and purpose.

My specialty is working one on one with Super Souls, Empaths, Indigos, and Sensitives to help them heal past to present, gain clarity, and walk in confidence on their life path, embodying their soul purpose, in good health, and in supportive relationships. I also teach, in group settings, how to set sacred space, create intentions, and how to safely go on Shamanic & Spirit Guide journeys. I practice out of Lafayette, Colorado and do my one on one sessions via phone.

For more about Kathy’s services and to contact her directly, visit TheUrbanSpiritGuide.com, email kiofg@hotmail.com or call (303) 246-1084.

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