The World’s Purest Ceremonial-Grade Sipping Chocolate

A decadent sensory experience that nourishes your brain, fuels your body, and expands your soul.


Legacy Cacao is unlike any other ceremonial-grade cacao you’ve ever experienced. The intentionality infused at every stage from seed to sip results in what we believe to be the most pure and energetically potent cacao on the planet. One sip and you are immediately enveloped by the warm sensory experience and heart-opening plant medicine. It is a gentle, yet powerful transformative addition to any morning routine. Many of our customers far prefer Legacy Cacao over coffee, tea, energy drinks or even breakfast. It helps you to drop into your zone of genius, provides added mental clarity and alertness, boosts energy without any crash, and reconnects you back to your heart and Soul Truth.

Our cacao arrives to you as a stone-ground powder combined with a Mayan spice blend, vanilla and panela, wrapped in a colorful, hand-woven cloth bag. It is prepared by only women, and mixed in ceremony by a Mayan Priestess in accordance with the original Mayan recipe – a secret only given to one respected elder at a time. Legacy Cacao has been entrusted with the honor and responsibility of being the only bridge between this ancient legacy and the rest of the world. We are here in service to you, and to this royal lineage of Mayan people gifting us with their most potent plant medicine.

Health Benefits of Cacao: The Most Nutrient-Rich Live Food

40 TIMES the heart-protective antioxidants of blueberries.
One of the highest concentrations of magnesium in any natural food source.
Highest plant-based source of iron.
More calcium than cow’s milk.
Plus over 700 compounds.

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About the Founder of Legacy Cacao: Michelle Sinette

Often referred to as the intuitives’ intuitive, the healers’ healer, the teachers’ teacher. MICHELLE SINNETTE is a potent channel of divine wisdom anchored masterfully in the physical human experience. Her passion and expertise lies at the intersection of Soul and Neuroscience – knowing that in the current times, the integration of both is more vital than ever.

Michelle is a born intuitive who was birthed onto her path through several death experiences, coma, and healing of immense wounding and trauma. A former law enforcement officer and licensed clinical social worker, she has gone on to mentor some of the world’s most successful teachers, coaches, authors and corporations, and regularly travels around the world to teach, consult, hold space, serve and be an invitation back to the Soul’s Truth.

Legacy Cacao is a passion project – a Soul Destiny – that Michelle was personally asked to guide as the trustee. Her integrity, strength, heart-centered living, and ‘warrior code of ethics’ are core to both her teachings, as well as the foundation of this company. This is why she created a new paradigm of business called Fair Profit. This means she is committed to bringing you the best products in the world and paying fair profit in collaboration, respect and honor of the people blessing us with high quality, tradition-rich products.

Michelle’s definition of humility is the willingness to own the Truth of who you are, and the courage to live in alignment with it. Her Soul Purpose is to invite human consciousness into freedom from fear. This emancipation will allow us for the first time in humanity to ascend together and experience the limitless possibilities of being a divine being in human form. Once united within, we will return to harmony with all living things.

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