Rock your Mala to unlock the mystery within, opening the pathway for a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun to live!

Live.Laugh.Malas! are a co-creation of The Suburban Monk and Satcha Malas that celebrates dancing in the light.

Each individual mala features lapis lazuli for WEALTH, amethyst for SPIRIT, strawberry quartz for BEAUTY and howlite for OPEN.

SPIRIT represents our infinite connection to source.
OPEN is to remind us to keep our hearts and our minds open even when we feel vulnerable.
BEAUTY celebrates the limitlessness of our radiance.
WEALTH is more than just abundance and prosperity but the wealth of our gifts that we can share with all.

Each mala bracelet comes with a mantra card and supports your dreams, joy, vitality and love.

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How Live.Laugh.Malas! were Born (told by Sasha of Satcha Malas):

Back in April, Ellen Atkins of The Suburban Monk messaged me through Instagram and said, “Hi hi. I thought I need someone to make a Suburban Monk mala on my website. Don’t know how this will work but if your intuition says yes let’s talk.” and I responded “Well Yeah!!! Let’s do this!!”

The Live. Laugh Mala! was born and we couldn’t be more proud of this gorgeous and intentional adornment that we can share with the world. Ellen and I spent so many beautiful days “dancing in the light” to bring these forth with high vibe energy and limitless love for our community.

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