Should I stay in my job, search for a new one, or maybe do something new?

Clients often seek career guidance. To support their quest I ground myself and ask for help from the spiritual realms so that I can see clearly. It’s akin to plugging into a celestial database. Then I clairvoyantly gaze upon my client’s energetic field relative to their longing and curiosity. From there a conversation ensues on a soul level. Like a psychic detective I peruse the undertones beneath their everyday journey.

I may ask: What are you up against in your current work world?

Are you aligned with your true calling or dharma? Are you harnessing your most beloved inner strengths and are conditions optimal for your success? Is there past life, foreign, fearful or programmed influences that limit your progress? If so, can I aid you in clearing these influences so that future possibilities come more positively to the fore. In a session I intend precise communication and an on-going soul connection in present time. Ideally you’ll sense your own inner compass rose and walk away in-charge of your mind, body and spirit.

In Your Spiritual Counsel Session …

We may work on:

Balance & well-being

Healing stress

Unleashing your potential

So that you may have:

Directional clarity

Self transformation

Motivation to heal

I had a session with Mary last week and it was incredibly helpful. When I experience something as profound as that session was, I feel inspired to share it. Mary provides a recording of the session and I feel like each time I’ve listened to it, I’ve received new insight, a new layer of intellectual or energetic awareness. It’s cool!
Mindela M.

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About Mary-Laurence Bevington:

Mary offers Spiritual Counsel to people, pets and businesses, and founded Soul~Body~Yoga™ a system that integrates Body Mind Centering™, experiential anatomy, yin-yang movement, freestyle play and intuitive studies. Mary first studied energy awareness and meditation as a teenager in theatre school, offered oracle readings in college, became an outdoor educator at age 20, started teaching hatha yoga in 1992 and has taken to eastern spiritual systems such as Ayurveda, or life knowledge in India and in the US.

After attending workshops at Psychic Horizon Center (PCH) beginning in 2009 Mary committed to seminary at PCH’s Church of Inner Light to become a certified Clairvoyant, Animal Communicator, Reverend and Licensed Minister. There she was ordained in 2016. Her sessions are also informed by earning a Bachelor of Arts: Creative Writing, a Master of Fine Arts: Theatre, and by her scholarship in Pythagorean numerology, Tropical and Vedic astrology and Jungian archetypal theory. Additionally, Mary holds certifications in Pilates, Contemporary Esalen massage, Wilderness First Responder and in Heart IQ™ and Relationship Coaching.

In a session Mary intends to receive energetic information to best guide clients towards their intentions. Much comes from each reading: specific past lives yield present time insights, the seeds of future lives germinate into mock-up models, outdated beliefs are reconciled into the now and healings promote optimal health. In her free time Mary leans into art making, nature play, soul-spirit embodiment, contemplative dance, and into deepening her knowledge in theosophy, modern psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. She was reared in Atlanta, GA among seven brothers and now lives in the mountains of Colorado with her Siberian husky, Molly Brown, her dear friend Jim and his blue/red heeler, Cody.

For more about Mary’s services and to contact her directly, visit, email or call (303) 521-1633.

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