Does your relationship seem to be stuck in a rut? Are you saying the same things over and over and nothing changes?

Clairvoyantly I see where clients are encountering energy both within the relationship as well as outside influences that may be affecting communication, which may include past lives and karma. Often you may intuitively know the answer, but hearing it from someone who doesn’t know you validates the truth within the relationship. The reading helps clear the confusion and offers insights that allow you to create change. Long distance aura/chakra healings or a channeled healing is available as an add-on service to work on any issues that may be found within the reading.

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Pat immediately felt my energy and that of the relationship in question. She quickly got to the core of the situation. She truly helped me to honor my strengths and focus on my well-being.

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About Rt. Rev. Pat:

In 1986, Rt. Rev. Pat began her psychic reading and healing training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California. She completed the 2 year Clairvoyant Training Program, the Women’s Teacher Program, Hands-on-Healing Program, One-to-One Program and then graduate from the 3 year Trance Medium Healing Program.

After retiring as the Advertising Manager for the Psychic Reader Magazine with the Deja Vu Publishing Company, Rt. Rev. Pat has continued as a professional spiritual reader and as a Hands-on-Healer. In 2008, Rt. Rev. Pat joined the staff on the Divine Healing Center of Santa Rosa, California as a professional spiritual reader and healer and a trance medium healer and reader.

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Book your Relationship Reading with Rt. Rev. Pat on The Divine Healing Center website:

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