You are the captain of your own Soul

And you have an entire crew of personal support guides who are focused on supporting YOU on your life journey. A Spirit Guide Reading can introduce you to your crew, how to recognize their presence, and how to confidently communicate with them. Whether you are looking for help and support with your love life, a creative project, your career or you are just curious, a Spirit Guide Reading with Shareen is here for your enjoyment!

Ask your guides for almost anything!

Spirit guides can be used for the small things that just make life easier, including helping you create ease through safe travels, finding parking, and being timely. They can inspire shortcuts through challenges via serendipitous meetings with people like lawyers, accountants, physicians, and even new friendships. Spirit guides also help with larger, longer term projects like personal health, abundance, creativity, career, and relationships. The more you work with your spirit guides and take responsibility for your own growth, the clearer your intuition becomes.

In Your Spirit Guide Reading …

We’ll focus on:

Meeting members of Your “A” team: who they are and what they do.

Finding helpers for ease in daily life or a specific project.

Setting clear communication rules between you and your crew.

So that you have more:

Recognition of your guides unique colors, vibrations and communication styles.

Inspired Support for navigating challenges.

Deeper Connection to your inner voice and life purpose.

My Spirit Guide Readings with Shareen Webb have been spot on, fun and I leave with such juicy insight to go about my week. I wish there were more than 5 stars.

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About Rev. Shareen:

Shareen is a, spiritual teacher & counselor, and a clairvoyant reader & healer, who has 20 years of experience. She is a graduate of The Berkeley Psychic Institute Clairvoyant and Ministers Training Programs through the Church of Divine Man where she is a former assistant Pastor and a current member. She has taken several Energy Healing Training Programs and most recently received her certification for completed 125 hour program Light on Hands of Light: an in-depth exploration of healing self and others through the Human Energy Field.

In 2014 Shareen decided to walk fully down the path of Spiritual Counselor and Healer founding Limitless-Spirit, a predominantly online business offering clairvoyant readings, workshops, and classes that she has designed.  In 2017 Shareen expanded her business to include an Energy Healing Sanctuary, located in Roseburg Oregon. Shareen’s specialties are: Spirit Guides, Past lives, Life Path, Next Step, Human Energy Field, Aura, Chakras, and Facilitating your Self Healing.  Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

For more about Shareen’s services and to contact her directly, visit, email, call (541) 937-5688 or reserve time with her here.

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