Syd is a smiling, thumbs-up Buddha-like statue who is a universal symbol of encouragement and joy.

Syd has yet to meet anyone who has not been brightened by his presence. The Dalai Lama has one. So does Carlos Santana. Syd has even had an audience with the Pope! He has traveled the world from the Middle East to a small village in Kenya and everywhere in between, sharing his magic, and making friends everywhere he goes.

Little Syd has many uses such as travel companion, get-well gift, ring holder, and meditation buddy. He comes in 14 different colors, each with a special color meaning card. The possibilities are endless!

Big Syd beams happiness and joy into homes, gardens, businesses, and anywhere that a “high-vibe” is desired. He is ready for every season, as he is fully weatherproof. People even love to dress him up!

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About The Suburban Monk:

The Suburban Monk invites people to create a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun!

The Suburban Monk was founded by Ellen Atkins, who describes herself as having led a “normal” suburban life with three kids, a dog and a husband. She worked in the corporate arena for 30 years as a C.P.A. before “turning her perfect life upside down” to fulfill an internal quest telling her that there was something more. In 2012, Ellen followed her inspiration and created The Suburban Monk and Syd.

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