Tough Shit Tarot

A Deck of Rude Awakenings

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Tough Shit Tarot: A Deck of Rude Awakenings is an intervention for your soul. Use the deck to access your inner bad-assery.

Up until this moment, you probably believed that you have the right to NOT be insulted. Tough Shit Tarot is staging a little intervention for your soul, and it might not be pretty.

It’s hard to hear it, but some of your problems are actually your own fault. The good news is that somewhere under all that annoying shit that you call a personality, you have the wisdom to change. Just pull a random card from the deck and trust in the principle of synchronicity (it’s Jungian- look it up). Let the message on the card help you replace your social unrest with a little spiritual unrest.

Sure you might get a bit agitated, but self- awareness is your ticket to the depths of your inner bad-assery, and you won’t get there until you can explore the depths of what an asshole you can be.

What’s that? You’re not an asshole? Nah…of course not, but we bet you know a few folks who are. Tough Shit Tarot is an awesome gift to share with in-laws, co-workers, cable guys, and anyone who could use a little kick in the soul-crotch.

This deck is not a traditional tarot deck. Watch the video below to learn more about why we created Tough Shit Tarot.

What people are saying:

This is the only kind of tarot for me.
I love that we can have these spiritual concepts carefully packaged with whit, humor and very much needed reality. The perfect blend! Brenda Alderete
Deeper hidden meaning
Really enjoying this deck. A lot of fun to use, plenty of laughs but also with a deeper hidden meaning that sometimes we need to see and acknowledge. Lyn Walker
I needed a kick in the pants!
Just when I thought I didn’t need any more advice, a friend of mine asked me to pull one of these cards at her house. It totally shook me up and gave me some straight talk advice free of any woo-woo BS. It was kind of funny, but I needed a kick in the pants regarding this issue! Cassandra
Giving people a good reading is important to me and these cards are fantastic!
I am really enjoying this deck. I had trouble figuring how to incorporated it into my other deck at first but then after watching some videos of how it was used, I was off and running. Giving people a good reading is important to me and these cards are fantastic! Anonymous

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