Gather Online this Summer Solstice to Update

The Sacred Space of Your Brand

Friday, June 21 @ 1:30-3pm pacific/4:30-6pm eastern

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Join us LIVE ONLINE for this Summer Solstice Gathering that includes:

Networking with Others

A Meditation Workshop

Intention Setting & Blessing

As the leader of your brand, you are the sacred space keeper.

You are the magic sparkle sprinkler giving permission for others to find their Divine light and truth so they eventually realize that they can write their own permission slip whenever they choose.

As the leader of your brand, you’re in charge of what’s charged. When things come up, you get to usher in more love, understanding and forgiveness.

You are the gate keeper. You decide whether or not to answer the call. You decide when it is time. You get to feel things out for yourself.

As the leader of your brand, you get to co-create with your team. You choose when to ask for help and whether or not to receive what is offered to you.

You get to decide who to work with in terms of coaches, mentors, masterminds and affiliates. Even then, you still get to listen to your own intuition and inner authority.

As the leader of your brand, you get to be human. Failing, learning and succeeding are all accepted and maybe even celebrated.

You’ll find fulfillment as you choose it. All your needs will be met beyond your wildest dreams as you BE IT.

Join us online for our Summer Solstice Gathering to Bring the Sacred Space of Your Brand into Present Time so you may flourish this summer!

More about what you’ll experience if you come …

This is not a passive webinar! It is aLIVE and INteractive.

Arrive and Settle

please arrive 5-minutes early so we may begin on time.

Hello and Welcome

welcome to the gathering and the summer season

Opening Meditation

come into present time set your intention

Intros and Check-Ins

share about you and meet other attendees


on Bringing the Sacred Space of Your Brand into Present Time, led by Jennah Synnestvedt

Seasonal Soul’s Goals

set them for you and work the energy

What People Are Saying

I loved the positive energy in the group and hearing everyone’s goals.
Always so helpful to have new perspectives as reflected from others.
I go to a lot of online events, but there is something special about this one.

Summer Solstice 2019 Facilitators

Jennah Synnestvedt

Facilitation and Teaching

Friday, June 21
1:30-3pm PT, 2:30-4pm MT, 4:30-6pm ET

In case you can’t make it live, a recording of the meditation portions is included.
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