Diversify to Move Forward

By Inspiration, Oracle Guidance, Resources, Spiritual Growth
Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most. Message from the Aspens on Diversity We are one, yet we are separate. In various sizes, shapes and ages we grow. With the help of the elements Sun Water Air and Earth Of course Earth, that is where we rise from our roots. And we are not alone: our network co-exists with many other species ... trees, flowers, rocks, birds, bugs, elk, bears and more: Often times you see us from afar We blanket the hillside. From near, we invite you in to explore Getting curious if there's more than meets the eye. Is your soul seeking to diversify? What might you find if you open your heart to the new life budding from your core? With no allure besides the tingling of inspiration, all there is to bring forth is YOU. It is you who chooses to choose. ROOTING INTO The wisdom and protection of the bigger picture: not all barriers are made to be broken through or even to block something out. Nature protects itself in a very unassuming way, or perhaps a totally assuming way. The experience of gleaning wisdom doesn't always care if the jungle is hard to walk through. All variety of species interweave themselves seeking to live. Even in nature, it is about so much more than mere survival. Living is about playing a role in the eco-system of it all. ENERGIES ON THE PLANET Surface level: getting mentally stuck on "Why?" is a possible challenge. Regardless of what is being played, the question "Why?" is often there. The big existential "Why?". Tune into the answer by feeling. The answer to "Why?" can always be explained by a feeling ... get curious and wonder: is the feeling expansive, connected, peaceful, or ... what does the answer to your question feel like? In the air are clear visions being confused with doubt and uncertainty. Rise above with grace and ease. STAYING CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE Grace and ease have nothing to do with "figuring it out". They are definitely not problem solving. However, bringing forth grace and ease is helpful to move through challenges. When you bring ease to something difficult, the path of resolution gracefully presents itself ... not always all at once, but often one step at a time. Fear of the unknown can make it hard to stay in ease, but just like you know where to place your foot in order to take a fully supported step, your spirit always knows where to go next (shaking in your boots or not). Grace knows no fear yet doesn't deny it. It flows anyway. Where in your self may you open up to ease and let grace guide?
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