Above the Clouds, Turning to Gold

Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most.

Message from the Aspens
Relaxing inside beneath
The blankets of grey clouds
The mists in the air nourish and keep
Our awareness crisp
As ever so coolly
We sink inside beneath
The green growth
It is surrounded by dissolution
That we find resolution
Transmuting our grievances
Of what might have been
Into heart opening knowing
That it is all actually perfect
The season is changing
And it is sometimes sad
We grieve what might have been harnessed
By the heat of the sun
Only to realize that as we cozy up inside,
the flame rises from within
Already surrendered into greater
Already beginning again
Taking the next step on the upward spiral
Growing taller, older and wiser
Relaxing into our network is the way forward
Above the clouds
The air is crisp and clean
Better than anything you’ve ever seen
Magic lives in the mystery
Beauty is birthed from the unknown
Willingness to rise from within
Is walking the journey
Of your heart and soul
Finding enough is more
You are enough


Getting cozy with what’s beneath: Both your joy and the aspects of yourself that you keep hidden live in the depths. Anytime is an opportunity to nurture yourself through another layer of resistance. Making friends with the shadow parts of yourself allows you to access the expansive and unlimited truth. Sit in front of the fire with those aspects. Take them for a dip in the hot tub. Show them the light. Be your own Mother and Father. Ask others for what you need. Take care of yourself. Feel the warmth of filling your well.


Surface level: s p a c e y  and DESTRUCTION. Feels like clouds and storms. Old systems that are no longer working are falling apart. The game of karma is falling apart. Some souls are scrambling to let go and complete. Others are stubbornly clinging to a past reality. Many of us are experiencing fuzziness and/or a sense of being in a surreal world. Observe and witness what is going on around you and in the news. Notice the orchestra of vibrations at play.

In the air our higher selves have taken the reins in order to steer and keep us safe. Anchor the transformation into your body by connecting with appreciation in your heart center. What about yourself, your life, others and the world are you grateful for? As you appreciate, you receive and recharge your power to come out of the destruction powerfully creating.


Stay above the clouds that are not yours … focus on creativity! As you let go and transform, what is rising up inside of you? If you’re tempted to take any of it too seriously, remember that creating is about the journey. The process is the goal. We get what we want in life by allowing it to manifest. Control has its place, but where is it limiting you? As you let go of control where it doesn’t belong, freedom, permission and creative joy flow.

Happy Equinox,
Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah is a Spiritual Branding Specialist and the Founder of Aspen Oracle. She guides soulful people to express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and free.

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  • Judy says:

    Love this Jennah! I am grateful for your healing message. Please keep them coming!

  • Susan Bostwick says:

    In some locations the stake grows leaves and branches. It inspires new growth even in supposed barren stalks. You are an inspiration.

    • Jennah says:

      Happy to be inspired, and I love when that inspires others! Synchronistic that you use the word “stake” too … my leadership coach was validating how I am beginning to put stakes in the ground with things like these Seasonal Healing Messages (and more)! Reverberations of all sorts 🙂