Your Life Guides You to You

Seasonal Healing Messages provide timeless help when you need it most.

Transmission from the Light Weavers
Here you are on this planet. Earth.
Are you waiting for someone to give you the gift of yourself?
Are you longing to know your deepest desires but expecting someone to show you the way?
Do you wish away your problems and the energy in the air without facing the pain in your own soul?
Finding the courage to face your pain is enlivening.
Life is a light network here to assist you in becoming more of who you truly are.
Life on Earth, and in this Universe, is here to guide you to … you.
We are not here to tell you the right thing to do, or even what to do.
We come with this message today because you asked.
Receiving help is as simple as asking.
The how in how to welcome yourself as well as the pure heart reflection of others is insignificant – just ask.


Hot and cold flip flop: new growth and finding your center in the dichotomy. The main dichotomy at play this season is ACTION / REST. The desire to progress is at the center. Be careful not to let your pure desire be manipulated by lies. Find focus through aligned and inspired action.


Surface level challenges affecting grounding have to do with fear of being swallowed and falling through the cracks. Fear of not being able to handle the details. Fears of not being perfect and of failure. The effect is paralysis around taking a new step. Overcome the challenges by going deeper to below the surface of the Earth. Draw upon the information and healing from deep within the Mother Earth. Let it clear your past and guide your steps.

In the air is political fever – deception and lies. Whether you follow politics or not, buying into punishment, the attachment to justification or revenge seeking is the host for the illness. Rise above by un-matching from the divisive energy and saying hello to the universal, open heart that resides within you.


As the light weavers say “just ask”…. God, yourself, others. When the intention is pure, all are the same.


Wishing you Inner Peace, Strength & Nourishment,


Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah is a Spiritual Branding Specialist and the Founder of Aspen Oracle. She guides soulful people to express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and free.

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