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Happy Holidays! Reflecting during this holiday season, I am delighted by the synergy of spiritual practices and traditions that we have collectively created over lifetimes on planet Earth.

The return of light through time: from Yule to the birth of Christ.

Yule, also known as the time from the Winter Solstice through New Year’s Day, is one of the oldest winter celebrations on Earth. It is even where tree decorating began as a way to honor life in the cold and dark of winter. Christmas came later when the date to celebrate the birth of Christ–who is also an important symbol of light in the dark– was moved to be more convenient with the Yule festivities. Today’s version of Christmas that involves gift giving has built up over the years with the rise of business and consumerism. At our Aspen Oracle Winter Solstice Gathering, we worked with the return of light on many levels–a few of which I’ll share with you below as an invitation to do the same as resonates for you.

The days get longer and lighter from here.

During Yule–the days from the Winter Solstice through New Year’s–is a wonderful time to match the energies of the Earth and Cosmos. As the days have less light, you may notice shadow parts of yourself surfacing for a compassionate hello. You might also notice a desire to be still and rest. Personally, I love naps this time of year! Getting out of the body helps clarify what is being created as the light returns. Its only a matter of months before the spring weather will beckon us to sprout forth, so might as well enjoy being cozy and dreaming!

Magic and miracles happen when we get out of our own way.

From a spiritual perspective, the sleepy time of winter is a reminder that resistance is futile. You might think you’ve got it all figured out, but the more you try to force something out as a perfect creation, the more likely you are to miss the magic and miracles that are always occurring. Letting go and knowing that your higher self and the Divine have got you is a way to open yourself to experience (and maybe even to enjoy!) all that is occurring. It might sound strange, but it is possible to enjoy even something that is challenging. It is with an open mind and heart that next steps appear with ease.

Giving as receiving.

Gifting has become a big part of the holiday season which can be lots of fun, and it may also leave you feeling dissatisfied. Not because you are a scrooge, but because happiness can’t necessarily be bought. Remembering that creating joy, love and happiness is a very personal experience that comes from within let’s you off the hook. Giving because it brings you joy is a way to keep yourself fulfilled and it also lets others have their own space. When we each have the freedom to create as we choose, we are unified even if we express differently.

Many blessings to your dreams and you this Winter!

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